Scientists have discovered that although after lie, most people still seem to be blushing, but by observing their faces through thermal imaging, they can notice that there is a significant change in a certain part – that is nose. Once a person lie, the temperature of the nose will rise slightly by 1 to 2 degrees. In order to pay tribute to the little puppet who will grow longer when the nose is lying, this nose is a fire phenomenon, also called the Pinocchi effect.

Lie trivia:People lie, the nose will have a fever?
Lie trivia:People lie, the nose will have a fever?

This may be because when lying, the frontal lobe in the brain responsible for working memory will start to run at full speed and consume a lot of energy, and because the frontal lobe is very close to the forehead, the face changes in temperature.

Although the reaction is very subtle, the nose belongs to the extremity of the limb. The microvessels are distributed more and the temperature changes more obviously. The temperature changes caused by lying are easily captured. However, the nasal temperature changes are used to detect lies. The current accuracy is probably Only 70 to 90%…

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