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Indian trivia:Why do you want to live with mice?

These mice are not ordinary mice. They are mice that live in the Temple of the Rat. “The Temple of the Rat” is a temple in India. The Indian mice are respected and enshrined, and the milk and sweets and grains they provide are a unique landscape. Indians have always worshiped the incarnation of God and God, including: the god of good luck, the education of God, the god of life and death. There seem to be a lot of God's incarnation, this unshakable belief, so India has a unique and interesting story.

Indian trivia:Why do you want to live with mice?-3trivia
Indian trivia:Why do you want to live with mice?

It was reported very early and early that a son of a storyteller was seriously ill and asked for help, but the god of death took the child away. The priest infinitely sympathizes with the child's soul in the mouse, mainly because the soul of the possession can be reincarnation after the death of the mouse. This is the original version of the mouse as a god.

The Indians are convinced that after the death of the dead, the rats will die and reincarnation. Therefore, in order not to let the souls of their relatives wander around Tibet on the ground, they built temples for these mice, because they believe that they can climb up and down in the temple. The mice that climbed around were the relatives who died. They also believed that after they died, they would turn into mice and report to the temple. Therefore, the Indians are very respectful of the rats in this temple.


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