AV trivia:Japanese AV female evolutionary history

“AV” (adultvideo) is a Japanese-made word, full-length adult video, which is an image of the erotic image. The…

AV” (adultvideo) is a Japanese-made word, full-length adult video, which is an image of the erotic image. The so-called adult is a metaphor; 20-year-old grown up, but 18-year-old can watch adult videos. AV is usually referred to in Japan, and in Europe and America it is called porno. If translated, all the yellow videos. The actress who specializes in AV is called “AV actress”.

The two letters of AV, the former stood tall and straight like a model, tied with a pocket cloth, the latter took off and the legs were facing the sky. AV is legal and illegal. It is illegal to expose sexual organs without being obscured. Because the Japanese criminal law has a crime of “prostitution,” it is wrong.

AV trivia:Japanese AV female evolutionary history
AV trivia:Japanese AV female evolutionary history

What is it? The judge ruled: Exciting or stimulating sexual desire alone, damaging the normal sexual shame of ordinary people and violating the concept of good morality. If measured according to this, even if it is seen in the fog, AV is also very useful for the use of Fengyue Baojian. Moreover, the mosaic is hidden and infinitely close to transparency. This is the hypocrisy of the law. It is a matter of the police. Most of the people who started the AV brokerage company have worked on car owners, violent groups, and swindler thieves. This business, as long as the temptation to bring a woman, to the film manufacturers, you can get money, almost traffickers. AV is a gray industry, and its existence relies on the “tolerance” of the police. After living in Japan for more than 20 years, I saw that the police are becoming more and more incompetent. Perhaps it is not willing to give the times an ass: he is here to confiscate the counterfeit goods, fines and even arrest people, but public opinion is a great art. It’s hard to judge. When Yukio Mishima was young, he saw a Western famous painting. When he looked at it, he was the first to vent his life. AV history is not long. In 1970, the United States lifted the ban on pornography, and Japan started its 1981 AV. With the popularity of video recorders, there has been an AV actress who has made a living from AV. After 1990, it has evolved into a fake drama. Japanese culture was stereotyped as a shame culture by Americans. After shame and bravery, they dared to watch AV videos. There are a lot of people who hate AV. In 1984, the videotape rental store needed to separate out a “secret room” franchise, so as not to humiliate the appearance.

AV is basically a consumer product of men, and its insider is little known. In 2012, the Winter Winter House published a book called “Affordable AV Girl”, which listed AV as one of the 360 ​​lines. The author, Nakamura, is a forty-year-old freelance writer. Since 1998, she has interviewed AV actress and the red light district girl, rogue, and one person per week. In the past ten years, he interviewed 700 people and published the series of “The Woman Without Names”. In 2010, he was adapted into a movie.

It is said that the AV industry has risen and fallen for 30 years, and 200,000 people have been employed. Nearly 2,000 new AV projects are listed each month. Why do women do AV this line? Or why are you naked? A young woman walks down the street and is stopped by a grotesque “spot”: Hey, are you happy? If you want to become another person, that can be interesting. Stopping to listen to his noise, in all likelihood is “local people.” In the past, now, and in the AV industry, most of them are women who come to the city to discuss life. For them, big cities are a trap. He left his hometown and got off his car with a black eye. Originally, I wanted to go to school or work, but it was not easy. Of course, some people are out of curiosity, or seek excitement, but most of them are suffering from life and biting their teeth into AV. Shooting AV is a cool physical labor, and it is thrown when used. The video tape becomes a DVD or a disc, and the capacity increases, and the amount of labor for the performance increases.

The economic downturn, the AV industry is also sluggish, more than half of the female superiors do not get a chance to appear. According to Nakamura’s investigation, the current AV actress is 6000-8000, of which 4000-6000 is replaced every year. There have also been good years in the days of fighting, but now more than 80% of AV actresses make a film, but the reward is only tens of thousands of yen, far less than the imagination of the world. When AV actress is the last resort for women to earn a living, the employment competition rate is 25 times. Oversupply, the brokerage company picks and picks, it is not an era when anyone wants to take off and take off.

There are about 150 AV brokerage companies, and the recruitment of advertisements is almost the same: paying on the spot; happy work; simple, anyone can do; will not be exposed. When a woman is an AV actress, the most worrying thing is exposure. Once she is exposed, she is not good at making people. The place, especially the Tianshe, has always been conservative. It was discovered by relatives in the hometown that it was dead. People are lucky: there are so many AV listings every year, there are very few people watching, how can they be so unlucky, but they are seen by acquaintances. The filming company also took measures, such as not advertising in newspapers with large circulation, and falsification of origin (Japan has the habit of indicating age and origin). However, with the times, with the decline of social ethics, it seems no surprise that who is now an AV actress, stripping off photos, making love, making DVDs or surfing the Internet, and spreading it to Japan and the world. Even after 90s, there are also parents or lovers who are generous and can be regarded as AV actresses. They are not ashamed or at a loss. IT is developed, and women are on the Internet to inquire and apply, and “Star Discovery” is unemployed. Despite the unpopularity of the society and the growing tolerance of the society, the flesh-and-blood workers will still fall into the untrustworthy, difficult-to-love, and scorned surroundings. After the gold basin washes hands, this period of countless experiences can not be written into the resume.

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