If you’re ever exploring the Japanese countryside on Maps, chances are that you’d stumble upon the sparsely-populated village of Nogoro. From a distance, it may look like it’s full of people casually chilling around all over town. Zoom in a bit, and you’d realize they’re actually lifeless dolls. We hope you didn’t do this when you were all alone at night.

Google Maps Trivia:Horrible doll city
Google Maps Trivia:Horrible doll city

The village is actually on its way to being completely abandoned, as its residents keep leaving it for better opportunities in the cities. The dolls are made by a woman called Ayano Tsukimi as a tribute to its departed, which is inexplicably the only way she could come up with to do that. We don’t know about you, but knowing that all of those dolls represent someone who is now dead does raise the creepy factor of the whole thing for us.

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