As we all know, Florida is a tourist destination famous for its sunshine and coast. The state also has a happy town, Orlando. The theme park is the main factor attracting tourists. But visitors to Florida don’t miss the city of Miami, a cosmopolitan city with a high reputation around the world. So how is the temperature in Miami, USA? Is Miami in December suitable for travel? What special products are you going to buy in Miami? Let’s take a look at the answer to the temperature in Miami, USA.

Miami, like other cities in southern Florida, has a warm, humid subtropical climate with only occasional cold weather in winter. It is worth mentioning that Miami is the warmest city in the United States in winter. The average temperature in January is 19.5 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in July is 28.3 degrees Celsius. The average annual precipitation is 1290 millimeters. The summer rainfall is the largest. Summer and autumn are easy. Invaded by hurricanes and heavy rains.

Weather trivia:A city that has only snowed once?
Weather trivia:A city that has only snowed once?

This area of ​​Miami has no obvious seasons throughout the year. The year is divided into rainy and dry seasons, and the rainy season is six months. The dry season is winter, and the rainy season is usually associated with the summer hurricane season. According to official records, on July 17, 2004, Miami’s hottest record was 39.4 degrees Celsius, and summer humidity often caused the heat index to be between 43-48 degrees Celsius. The coldest record in Miami was February 1989, at a temperature of -2.8 degrees Celsius, and on January 19, 1977, the coldest record in this metropolitan area was -6.6 degrees Celsius. On that day, Miami experienced the first snow since the beginning of the 1830 weather record.

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