California is located in the western United States, the most developed and populous state in the United States. It is adjacent to Mexico in the south and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Nicknamed Golden State. The area is 411,000 square kilometers.

California (1) (State of California, often referred to as California) is a state on the western Pacific coast of the United States. It is the third largest state in the United States and the largest in the United States. California is very diverse in terms of geography, geography, property, and demographic composition. Due to the early gold rush, California has an alias called The Golden State, and the postal abbreviation is CA.

American trivia: most of the Native Americans live in California
American trivia: most of the Native Americans live in California

The area is 423,000 square kilometers. With a population of 33.87 million (2000), the urban population accounts for 91.3%, mainly concentrated in the Pacific Rim, 50% of which are concentrated in Los Angeles and San Francisco (San Francisco). It has more than 50% of Chinese and Mexican Americans (Chicano). San Francisco’s Sacramento, the seat of the state government. Chinatown is the most densely populated residential area in China. The capital of Sacramento (aka Sacramento).

The coastline is 2030 kilometers long and is relatively straight. It consists of the Eastern Sierra Nevada, the Central Valley and the Western Coast Mountains. Geographical conditions are very different. There is a lack of rain in the southern desert, and there are many floods in the northern coastal areas due to rain and snow. The precipitation in the northwest is as high as 4,420 mm, and the desert in the southeast is only 50 to 75 mm. At a distance of less than 140 kilometers, there are Mount Whitney at an altitude of 4,418 meters and the Death Valley at -86 meters, the highest and lowest point in the United States. In the summer, the temperature in the southeastern Colorado desert is as high as 54 ° C. In winter, the Sierra Nevada is as cold as the North Pole.

Originally an Indian settlement. In 1769 it was a Spanish colony. In 1822, he belonged to Mexico. In 1848, he belonged to the United States. In the same year, gold mines were discovered. The gold rush, which lasted for 7 years, caused a rapid increase in population and rapid urban development. Joined the Union in 1850 and became the 31st state in the United States. In 1869, the railroad was traversed across the continental United States, connecting the state with other states. At the end of the 19th century, the discovery and exploitation of oil in the Los Angeles area made the industry develop rapidly. After the Second World War, new industries emerged, and agriculture was developed due to the completion of the North-South Water Transfer Project. Its economic strength and population were among the highest.

The most developed state in agriculture. Agricultural land accounts for 30% of the state. Mainly for irrigated agriculture. There are hundreds of farm and animal products. The production of sugar cane, vegetables and fruits ranks among the top in the country, with the second largest cotton output and the second largest rice production. It is an important dairy, egg and meat producing area in the country; the central valley is the most prosperous agricultural area. Developed in forestry, it is one of the three major timber producing states in the country. The fishery output value is the first in the country, and San Francisco, Santiago and San Pedro are important fishing ports.

The manufacturing industry is developed, the departments are complete, the product range is numerous, and the output value and employment number rank first in the country. There are mainly emerging sectors such as aerospace and electronics, as well as refining, petrochemical, arms, food processing, papermaking, and printing. Oil and gas extraction in the mining industry accounts for 2/3 of the total output value. The Los Angeles area is the largest manufacturing center in the west, with aerospace and oil extraction industries; output accounts for about 50% of the state; San Francisco and San Diego are also important manufacturing centers. The Silicon Valley Santa Clara Valley is known for its advanced electronics industry, and the Central Valley is a food processing center.

The highway network is densely distributed and the length is second in the country. It is the western end of the three transcontinental rail lines. The river network on the Sacramento River Delta is densely distributed and water transport is developed. Los Angeles and San Francisco are important international airports. Hollywood tourism is booming. The fascinating beaches, pleasant climate, excellent facilities and convenient transportation make visitors gather. There are many art galleries, the international reputation of the San Francisco Opera Troupe and the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, the Hollywood and the University of California, and other cultural and educational institutions.

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