The four beautiful women known in ancient China, in chronological order, Xi Shi (Shen Yu), Er Yi Wang Zhaojun (Luoyan), Sancha (closed moon), Siyu Yang Yuhuan (shame). Behind the beauty of the face, stimulating the change of male hormones, will inevitably lead to the competition of countless men.

Xi Shi: Wu Wangfu, Yue Guofan

Xi Shi, the Yue people in the Warring States Period, the folk amateurs, the beauty is absolutely unique, not the glamour of rouge gouache. When he was young, he fell in love with the Vietnamese doctor Fan Wei at first sight. He was Fan Li’s fiancee. Later, in the Wuyue War, after the defeat of Wang Goujian, Xi Shi was selected as a gift by the Vietnamese, and he was given a scorpion to Wu Wangfu. Based on this “beauty plan”, he kept the Vietnamese and Yue Wang Gou. Goujian went through Wu Wang’s insults and retreats, and after returning to China, he worked hard to eliminate Wu Guo and Wu Wangfu. After Xi Shi and Fan Yigong retired, they lived in the mountains. Xi Shi can say that there is both a patriotic spirit dedicated to the country and a loyal spirit of persisting in love. In the end, there are still lovers who will eventually become dependents.

Beauty trivia:The four beautiful women in ancient China sleep at least with two different men.
Beauty trivia:The four beautiful women in ancient China sleep at least with two different men.

Wang Zhaojun: Hu Hanye is single in the compound

Wang Zhaojun, the famous Wang Hao, the word Zhaojun, at the age of seventeen was elected to the Han Dynasty Emperor’s harem as a palace lady. Because he did not want to bribe the court painter, he had never had the chance to be summoned by the emperor. The Xiongnu Huhane single came to Beijing to request and kiss the machine. In the Han Dynasty Emperor’s lower palace, the 19-year-old Wang Zhaojun voluntarily signed up and kissed. However, Hu Hanye died in destiny and died three years later. According to the inheritance custom of the Xiongnu “parents, sons and fathers”, Wang Zhaojun, who is still beautiful at the age of 21, passed on to Hu Hanye’s son. More history books have recorded that Wang Zhaojun and Xin Shan, after 11 years of living, inherited and passed on to the grandson of Hu Hanye. Zhao Junyuan married the Xiongnu, sacrificed his individual for the Han Dynasty, and won the peace between the Hungarian and the Han for decades after he came out, and became a good story for the Chinese nation to communicate with each other. However, personally, several generations of single Yufu are short-lived, and they have been passed on many times. The fate is too much and cannot be pity.

貂蝉: Dong Zhuo Lu Bu

Hey, in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the Situ Wang Yunfu was a singer. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han thief Dong Zhuo was dictatorial. The righteous Lu Bu Libao Dong Zhuo was a slap in the face of the tiger. The entire Han Dynasty and the 18th Road princes have nothing to do with this intimate combination. Although he is a singer, he is also a person who studies Darwin and knows Renyi. At this time, the imperial court Wang Yun and the conspiracy colluded to implement a sexual bribery of Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu and his son. Therefore, he first talked with Lu Bu, then married Dong Zhuo as a beggar, and skillfully applied the relationship between father and son, eventually inducing Lu Bu to kill Dong Zhuo and eventually fleeing with Lu Bu. Beauty

Yang Yuhuan: Li Wei Li Longji

Yang Yuhuan, also known as Yang Guifei, was originally the king of Tang Xuanzong’s son, Shou Wang Li Wei, and was later ordered to become a monk. Because of its beauty, it was later taken up by the Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji. After Yang Guifei was pampered, Tian Xuanzong was attached to Tian Xuanzong every day, and Tang Xuanzong was completely attracted by this beautiful and spoiled woman. Yang Guizhen’s cousin Yang Guozhong also officially went to the prime minister, and the power of bullying and ruining Zhongliang eventually led to the local warlord An Lushan, Shi Anming and other “An Shizhi” in the name of Yang Guozhong. After the Anshi Rebellion, Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guozhong and Yang Guifei fled Chang’an and fled to the countryside. The vast majority of soldiers with the army changed and demanded that Yang Guifei be executed. In order to preserve the Tangshan Mountains, Tang Xuanzong had to personally give love to Yang Yuhuan. Therefore, in the later generations, there was no good reputation. Only the “single red dusty laughter, no one knows that it is a lychee” sentence satirizes the imperial court.

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