Dubai is a paradise for wealthy people. Money and oil are the motto of this country. In the Middle East, Dubai is a rich country. In this city, there is a project that claims to be the most expensive unfinished project in the world. This project costs a total of 81.5 billion. However, the construction of this project was mainly to solve the problem of land shortage. It is also the largest artificial archipelago in the world.

Later, the world’s largest artificial archipelago was planned to be built into a super-luxury resort and shopping center, attracting countless investors and local tyrants from all over the world. The traffic on this island is only waterway and air transportation, which is quite high.

Project trivia:The most expensive garbage project
Project trivia:The most expensive garbage project

At the beginning, Dubai people used the terrain of the seven continents as a template to create the archipelago, and in order to make more people affordable, they divided the island into more than 300 islands, and each time small The islands are named after each country’s name. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. Due to the oppression of the economic crisis, the Dubai government suffered a great blow, and the world island project was put on hold.

Later, because no one managed the world’s most luxurious artificial archipelago, and the rising water level of more than 300 small islands is about to face the danger of being overwhelmed, so the investment of 81.5 billion US dollars of funds has also been squandered. Not to mention that it is easy to give up a country with up to tens of billions of projects and only the country of Dubai!

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