Hotel trivia:The deepest hotel in the world?

We have seen various hotels, dirty and smelly and sturdy little hotels that people dare not lie down,…

We have seen various hotels, dirty and smelly and sturdy little hotels that people dare not lie down, dare not breathe, there are also 100,000+ one night, presidential suites that are larger than the home area, luxuriously decorated, and fully functional. . Of course, with the progress of the society, the former small and small hotels have become less and less, and will definitely be eliminated in the future. Nowadays, even the economic chain hotels are trying to decorate the grades as much as possible, and luxury hotels are even less. Say, I can’t wait for the toilet to be made of gold. But today we have to say that this hotel is the opposite. It uses the underground cave as a room, without any artificial decoration, rough to the extreme, and more than 150 meters underground.

This hotel is the Swedish Sala Silvermine, the deepest underground cave hotel in the world. Its name is literally translated as “Sala Silver Mine”. In fact, the hotel’s predecessor was the Sarah Silver Mine in Sarah, Sweden. This silver mine has been Swedish since the Middle Ages (5th to 15th centuries). The main silver field. Later, due to various reasons, the production was abandoned and it was transformed into the current Sara Silver Mine Hotel.

Hotel trivia:The deepest hotel in the world?
Hotel trivia:The deepest hotel in the world?

The hotel also has houses on the ground, and the ground houses are just like other hotels in the world. All the people who went to the Sara Silver Mine Hotel went to the underground mine room. These mines are located 155 meters underground (equivalent to 50 floors from the ground to the ground), the so-called rooms are actually some of the mines left behind or even the original caves. In such a deep mobile phone, there is no signal, and it is also extremely quiet, even quiet and terrible, so people who are flustered when they leave the mobile phone are not suitable to live here. Of course, the most unsuitable person is a claustrophobic patient, which is simply their most terrifying nightmare.

Such deep formation temperature is very low, the natural temperature is usually only about 2 °C, but the hotel has an air conditioning system, the temperature can be controlled at 18 °C all year round, there is no problem with the natural ventilation effect of air conditioning. After all, it’s just a fresh stimulus for everyone to live, not to kill, and the Sarah Silver Mine Hotel has this unique mine, but it is still a hotel, service industry, so it will try to let the guests enjoy the underground cave room. The novelty guarantees comfort at the same time. Although you can’t use your mobile phone, there is still an internal call system to contact the hotel staff.

Some people in the hotel can take guests to visit the surrounding mines, and underground caves can dive, but the water in the cave is extremely cold, and people who are not of good quality can’t easily try. In addition, although the “room” is very rough, the furnishings and restaurant foods are not rough, even “light luxury”, the room has soft big beds, pillows, romantic candles, champagne and roses, and The long dining table and leather stools common in the European aristocracy are very elegant. Therefore, its room rate is as high as 4,000 RMB per night. There are many tourists who are looking for novelty to compete, go to parties, discuss matters, hold weddings, etc.

I hope that all the fighters will one day be able to achieve financial freedom, and then go to these strange places in the world to experience.


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