Disaster trivia:The deepest mine disaster at the surface

On August 5, 010, a landslide occurred in a copper-gold mine named San Jose in the Akatama Desert…

On August 5, 010, a landslide occurred in a copper-gold mine named San Jose in the Akatama Desert in northern Chile, resulting in 32 Chilean workers and a Bolivian miner working underground. . Then the rescue work began immediately, and the most successful deep well landslide rescue in history began. A miracle belonging to human beings was born from now on!

On the day of the mine disaster, the Chilean government departments and the military immediately launched a rescue. Chilean President Piniella urgently suspended his visit to Colombia and rushed to Kobiapo on the evening of the 7th to sympathize with the families of 33 missing miners at the copper mine where the landslide occurred and supervise the rescue work.

Disaster trivia:The deepest mine disaster at the surface
Disaster trivia:The deepest mine disaster at the surface

The experts developed three ABC programs. In view of the possible psychological problems of the miners in the underground, a team of four people consisting of doctors and researchers came to Chile to participate in the rescue.

The construction of the first rescue tunnel began on August 30, 2010. It needs to excavate 700 meters and widen it. It is expected to take 4 months. This passage has been opened for 113 meters.

The completion of the second channel is expected to take less time. However, rescue workers said that smooth construction does not mean that the miners will be rescued in advance. Rescue team engineer Miguel Ford said: “(This progress) was originally planned.”

The third channel has a shorter length of 597 meters and is expected to be opened in two months. However, construction will not begin until September 18th.

On September 16th, Chile’s rescue engineer announced that the trapped miners’ rescue plan was ahead of schedule and they are expected to be rescued in early November.

On September 28, rescuers said that the work of heavy excavators is progressing rapidly. A total of more than 300 meters of tunnels have been dug, and there are still 300 meters left to complete the excavation work. The news came out and the rescue scene was full of joy.

On October 9th, Chilean mine rescue workers said that the rescue channel for rescued trapped miners had been opened to 625 meters underground, and the passage was about to be fully opened. Chilean Health Minister Jaime Manalich said in an interview at the mine site that the rescue of the miners from the hole will be launched next Tuesday (12th).

At 11:11 am on the 13th, Beijing time, the first miner Florencio Avalos took the special rescue capsule and successfully returned to the ground, officially kicking off the final stage of the rescue.

At the end of the year was the 54-year-old Miner, Ursuya. It was under his leadership that 33 miners had the hardest 17 days after the accident and waited for the rescue. At 8:56 am Beijing time on the 14th, the 33rd miner and 54-year-old miner head Ursuya successfully rose. Chilean President Piñera greeted the return of the last hero in the wellhead and the last round of applause.

At this point, Chile rescued the trapped miners and ushered in a big victory. Many parties worked together and carefully planned, which lasted more than two months and created a miracle of life. It is reported that Chile will build a national monument on the site of the mine disaster, to commemorate the rescue, and to convey a hope of life to future generations.


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