Arsenal Station is a subway station in the center of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, built 105.5 meters underground. Since its inception in November 1960, the Arsenal Station has been the deepest subway station in the world. This is almost a journey to the heart of the earth. The subway station was built in the Soviet era and it took more than five minutes to reach the platform from the ground, and most visitors to the city did not know this information.

There are dozens of various posters on both sides of the two seemingly never-ending elevators; because of the long distance, you can even see passengers reading books while sitting in the elevator, or sitting on the steps to rest.

Subway station trivia:The deepest subway station in the world?
Subway station trivia:The deepest subway station in the world?

Italian passenger Antonio Yaffano joked and said: “I never knew this subway station was so deep. When I first came in, I felt that I was approaching the center of the earth.” Yafano’s uniqueness to this subway station I was “surprised” with the ability to operate, because it has been working well for 57 years.

Yafano said: “This may not be the most modern subway station in Eastern Europe, but it is very clean and works well.”

The Arsenal Station is part of a metro line connecting the Dnieper River, and the Dnieper River passes through Kiev. The Arsenal Station is named after an iconic factory of the same name, which is located a few meters away from the subway station. During World War II, the factory was responsible for producing weapons and equipment for the Soviet Red Army.

Despite the simplicity of the wooden bench, cream marble walls, white plaster ceilings and grey pillars, the Arsenal Station is becoming a tourist attraction for many tourists and curious people.

In addition, Arsenal Station is one of the largest passenger stations in the city, with more than 26,000 passengers passing every day. The subway station is surrounded by historical and cultural attractions such as the Independence Square, the Kiev Cave Monastery and the National Museum of World War II.

Many of the subway stations in Kiev are built deeply because they can be used as shelters in the event of a bomb attack or nuclear disaster. The temperature of the subway station is stable all the year round and is the best place to avoid the cold in winter in Ukraine.

Many of the access to the subway station are equipped with solid metal doors, shelters and special locations for the protection and placement of personnel in emergencies.

In fact, Kiev has a long underground commercial center with dozens of shops that can buy food, clothes and all kinds of necessities.

According to the report, in addition to the Arsenal Station, Russia also has several subway stations known for its depth, such as the Admiralty Station (102 meters underground) in St. Petersburg and the Victory Park Station (84 meters underground) in Moscow. The Fuxing Station in Pyongyang, North Korea is also located 100 meters underground….

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