“In Germany, relying on your own personal ability to escape from prison will not be pursued and will be able to regain freedom.” This is a rumor based on some facts and oils!

First of all, these articles all say the fact that in Germany, the simple escape from prison is not punishable, legal, and sinless. But this does not mean that the pre-sin he committed will not be pursued again, he still has to bear the legal responsibility for the crimes he has committed.

Prison Break Trivia:a country that has been acquitted after a successful escape
Prison Break Trivia:a country that has been acquitted after a successful escape

Secondly, the escape of imprisonment may not include other crimes committed by the prisoner during the prison break. So you can hardly implement a jailbreak in Germany that will not be added. The reason is very simple. If a person wants to escape from prison, then in the process of jailbreak, he will inevitably commit new crimes. For example, if you destroy the prison walls, water pipes, barbed wire, windows, etc., the facilities in any prison are criminally destroyed and attacked. Prison guards are violent and wounded. Even wearing prison clothes and leaving the prison is a steal of public property. Such a law is clearly in line with the modern law’s understanding and protection of rights and freedoms: the law respects the individual’s pursuit of freedom and guarantees your right to pursue freedom, even the escape can be acquitted, but when individuals exercise their rights and freedoms It cannot affect the rights and freedoms of others, and it must not be a crime.

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