About 270 kilometers south of Rio de Janeiro, after passing through a rain forest, you can see a small waterfall, the water flows into the Trindade river, and there is a rock on the river.

Known for its ability to “swallow up” people, this stone is called Pedra Que Engole.

Speaking of which, many people should be very surprised. Rock can eat people? I’m afraid I haven’t heard of it yet?

Stone trivia:Will "eat people" stones?
Stone trivia:Will “eat people” stones?

When a person lies under this head, the stone will swallow it. It only takes a few seconds, and a big living person disappears in front of your eyes.

Once a person is pushed into the cave with the flow of water, because the inner wall of the cave is extremely smooth, as if it were a natural water slide, he will continue to slide down with this slide until it flows out of the river below, as if spit out by stones.

Of course, without your knowledge, everyone will be astounded, and at the other end of the stone, the person who has just been swallowed up by the stone will appear intact in front of your eyes. In fact, this stone has not been imagined by everyone. So scary.

There is just a very smooth stone gap under this stone. After people go in from this end of the stone, there is still some space in the stone gap, and you can swim out of the other side of the stone from inside.

Although this process sounds a bit scary and the internal caves are relatively claustrophobic, many tourists flock to this small place to experience the feeling of being swallowed up. They are scrambling to “travel to another world”.

However, do n’t go for the fat man. If you are the owner, it will be really swallowed, and there will be no return. People with claustrophobia should still try carefully.

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