At the border of China, there is such a group of unknown soldiers who are stationed on the narrow border of our country and endure loneliness and loneliness. They live closer to nature, but suffer the most primitive crimes. They are on the border The enemy is guarding the border. Even if it is hard, he is willing, even if he is lonely, he has no regrets. He is strong and never gives up. They are great. They are the PLA frontier soldiers.

Border Trivia:The only country that has no defenses against China
Border Trivia:The only country that has no defenses against China

Standing in frontiers and defending the country, they guarded China’s territory with their actions. The frontier defense area is dangerous and difficult. All those who can guard the frontier defense are good Chinese soldiers. With their presence, the motherland will be peaceful. With their hard work and hard work, we will have a happy life. For the motherland border soldiers who abandoned their little home, we have to pay tribute to these soldiers, because they are the cutest people in the world!

Speaking of border defense, 3trivia editor told you today our good brother Pakistan. Pakistan and China have a total border of 599.1 kilometers, but on this long border, Pakistan ’s garrison establishment has less than 60 people. The establishment of less than 60 people has basically no protective effect on this long border. In other words, Pakistan’s border is undefended against China.

Sino-Pakistani relations go beyond the relations between ordinary countries. I still remember that the Pakistan earthquake brought the strategic material tents of the whole country including the army to China. When others asked how much the value was, Pakistani officials said that the Sino-Pakistani friendship was Measured with money. China affectionately refers to Pakistan as the “Pakistani Railway”. Pakistan ’s defense equipment is almost contracted by China. China has become an important pillar of national defense security for this country. It is not surprising, therefore, that the border is not fortified against China.

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