The Arabian Tower Hotel is also known as the Dubai Sailing Hotel because it looks like a sail. The hotel is built on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf, 280 meters away from the beach shore. The top of the hotel is equipped with a cantilever structure with a cantilever beam projecting from the edge of the building.

The Burj Al Arab, Burj Al Arab, is located in the Gulf of Dubai, UAE, and is known for its splendor and luxury.

Trivia in Dubai:The only seven-star hotel
Trivia in Dubai:The only seven-star hotel

The sailing hotel in Dubai is the only seven-star hotel in the world. Its official name is actually the De La Tour Hotel Arabia.

This hotel, built on Dubai’s scenic beach, is called the Burj Al Arab hotel by its affectionate design because of its design resembling a huge milky sail sailed by the wind.

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