Ticket Trivia:$ 250,000 purchase of unlimited flight tickets

This man’s name is Steve Rostan, a very powerful banker, why do you say that? He used to…

This man’s name is Steve Rostan, a very powerful banker, why do you say that? He used to buy an unlimited plane ticket for 250,000 US dollars 20 years ago. You know that 250,000 US dollars was not low at the time. After learning about this, Steve Rothstein’s friends laughed at him for being overwhelmed. He spent so much money to buy a so-called “unlimited” plane ticket. He was really swollen and fat. . However, this is a good thing for the airport. After all, $ 250,000 is a big gain, but they regret it later.

In fact, 20 years later, this unlimited flight ticket has become the reason why Steve Rostan is envied. Steve Rostan usually enjoys traveling, especially when traveling abroad. So he would go out and walk around when he had nothing, and the plane he took was from which airline, and he did n’t have to spend money to buy a plane ticket. After all, Steve Rosten could use an unlimited number of tickets . Once 250,000 US dollars brought a lot of benefits to airlines, but now they regret it! Because according to their statistics, Steve Rothstein has spent more than $ 20 million on airlines in recent years, which is many times higher than the cost of buying air tickets at the time.

In this regard, airlines are helpless, and can’t regret it! And in order to save his loss, the airline once sent someone to negotiate with Steve Rostan, and came up with a big price to buy that “unlimited” ticket, but Steve Rostan is also a smart man. He How could it be possible to abandon this ticket? So no matter how high the price is, he will not sell it. It is estimated that no one had thought of Steve Rothstein, who was once laughed at, and now he has become the object of envy.

The man paid 250,000 for an unlimited flight ticket, but was laughed at, and now airlines regret it! What do you guys think?

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