The Japanese can really do everything. A Japanese cooks his genitals on the Internet for everyone to eat.

[WARNING: Web searching Mao Sugiyama results in images of the meal he cooked – I strongly recommend against looking.] In 2012, Japanese chef Mao Sugiyama served up his own genitalia to five intrepid diners. A self-described asexual, Sugiyama underwent elective genital surgery just after his 22nd birthday. He then prepared his penis, scrotum, testicles with button mushrooms and parsley. Sugiyama announced the culinary experiment via twitter. The guests paid $250 a plate. Six signed up. Five showed. However, a gaggle of onlookers came out to witness the bizarre spectacle. The overflow diners were feed crocodile-based dishes, while the intrepid five were served the main event.

Genital trivia:Japanese cooking genitals
Genital trivia:Japanese cooking genitals

The story ignited a firestorm of curiosity. Many were appalled and contacted the authorities. Curiously, cannibalism is not illegal in Japan. Given the voluntary nature of Sugiyama’s sacrifice, there was nothing police could do to stop the affair. There is a long history of eating genitals. Testicles are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. Lamb testicles are particularly popular. Some batter them with eggs and crumbs. A classic “rocky mountain oyster” is pan or deep-fried, like Sugiyama’s junk.

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