As is known to all, the Chinese zodiac is a native Chinese traditional culture, but as the Chinese culture continues to expand in the world, many of our traditional cultures of the past have been spread all over the world, rooted in the local areas, and gradually combined with the local culture to form a Chinese culture with local characteristics. People in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Mongolia are also used to the lunar calendar, and Chinese zodiac culture has its own version. In the Vietnamese zodiac, there is a Chinese zodiac cat, which suddenly meets the long-cherished wish of many cat lovers.

In Vietnam, there is no rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. Instead, there is a cat in the Chinese zodiac, so when China celebrates the year of the rabbit, Vietnam celebrates the year of the cat. But why did Vietnam replace the rabbit with the cat? In fact, the Vietnamese themselves do not understand, a bit like the Chinese zodiac rat, the reason for the first, there are too many stories, different opinions. To talk about the most fundamental reason, I am afraid to start from the Chinese zodiac, why there is no cat: about the “rat cheat cat” legend, I do not know how long, but really wronged the rat, there is no cat in the zodiac this has nothing to do with it. Because it is “really no cat”, the cat is an alien species, it is said that the earliest recorded Chinese cat, has been the han dynasty, and the Chinese zodiac, in the pre-qin dynasty has been determined, so no cat is normal.

Chinese zodiac Trivia:Do you know that there are also 12 zodiac animals in Vietnam?
Chinese zodiac Trivia:Do you know that there are also 12 zodiac animals in Vietnam?

And when it is in the han dynasty, Chinese characters and Chinese zodiac culture was introduced into Vietnam, just at that time, the cat also introduced into Vietnam, and what’s interesting is that Vietnam is no rabbit, so when it comes to “) “, the Vietnamese don’t understand what is “rabbit”, and “) “” frame” and “cat” similar pronunciation, so, the Vietnamese simply cancel “) “, to “every cat”, and they also have their own truth, said the cats eat mice, just accord with Chinese culture, based on the principle of.

Actually early many words of Vietnam, is introduced, in Chinese, quite a long time in the history of Vietnam is mandarin is the official language, although later, they have their own language, but the Vietnamese retained more than 70% of the Chinese vocabulary, but many of which have been changed, the word “big”, for example, in Vietnamese, is praised the children good-looking meaning, next to Vietnam, see kid say: “he’s really big!”

It is said that Vietnamese people are not very fond of cats, because their meow sounds similar to the Vietnamese word for poverty (Ngheo oi is pronounced “meow belt”), so it must be unpleasant to hear a cat meow at home. But the Vietnamese love dogs, whose “woof” sounds like the Vietnamese word for “Phong phu.” This is similar to us, we think the “wang wang” sound is similar to the “wang wang” sound, so we also think the “wang wang”. It is also because of the homophonic culture, Vietnamese people especially like to celebrate the year of the dog, think the year of the dog is the year of wealth, the year of great wealth.

Vietnamese people do not like to celebrate the year of the rooster, because Vietnamese people generally believe that the year of the rooster is a disaster year, to be particularly careful, it is said that this is because every year of the rooster in Vietnam, there will be a major disaster or disaster, especially the year of the rooster in 60 years, more in the disaster. It is said that in 1945, Vietnam experienced a nationwide drought. In a country where it rains for months on end, a drought can be scary. This year is the year of the dog, and the Vietnamese are celebrating the year of the dog. For this reason, Vietnamese rarely marry and have children in the year of the rooster.

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