At the end of the yuan, the uprising troops led by zhu yuanzhang had already in the mass use of firearms, daming, after the founding of the firearms become one of the Ming army weapons system, to the yongle, firearms use more specialization, the Ming emperor created is one of the special forces of hot weapon – man camp, specifically in charge of firearms, created the firearms forces in the world.

This camp played an immeasurable role in the battle of mobei and the defense of the capital led by yu qian. And man camp a weapon – god, firepower fierce, easy to use, the key is lethality is especially huge, become man camp ace weapons, is considered by many modern military scholars as the precursor of the light machine gun, so kill “artifact” research and development are pointed out by daming professional military personnel, and the soul, the name is chengcheng hu yuan, his influence is very big, then even regarded as the “god” of firearms, and the “god” general character is daming catch to a Vietnamese prisoners, if will be his life enrichment for two characters, that is — – god!

One: a noble family

Hu yuancheng, born in the Chen dynasty of Vietnam, a family of powerful men, in Vietnam’s changing political situation, his father ascended the throne, established hu chao, hu yuancheng status jumped into the prince. He not only won the post of prime minister of the state of the left, but also was made king wei.

Vietnam Trivia: hu yuancheng, son of hu chaoguo, made advanced weapons for the Ming
Vietnam Trivia: hu yuancheng, son of hu chaoguo, made advanced weapons for the Ming

hu yuancheng as the eldest son, was appointed as the crown prince and then the succession seems to be a natural thing, but his father is a funny force, just want to pass the throne to the younger son, but also out of poetry to test hu yuancheng. He pointed to an inkstone and said: “this roll of stone, sometimes for clouds for rain, to run the people” let the eldest son answer. hu yuancheng back: “the three inches of small pine, he built a beam, to help the state.” The son did not change his mind, the father heard, very satisfied. After the youngest son was appointed prince, he also taught the two sons to love each other and live together in peace. Family conflict was resolved, but the country was confronted with an existential crisis.

originally, hu yuancheng’s father was a conkind, high power, eventually to the identity of the auxiliary minister succeeded to the throne, to the imperial family of the Chen dynasty open fire, resulting in boiling domestic grievances, more provoked the sovereign state — daming very unhappy, decided to intervene in its use of soldiers. When the Ming army moved southward, Vietnam became a mess. It was always hard to choose between war and peace.

Two: taken prisoner

There is no discussion of a result, there daming army has killed general, hu yuancheng rushed with the army to do the last resistance, and his father and brother fled. After a fight, daming victory, that ye SaEr were Ming army officers, Vietnam’s ho dynasty perish, hu yuan chengcheng dropped, the clouds from the prince a captive.

for the future, hu yuancheng consciously even if lucky to die, also escape the prison, the bottom of the prison of the Ming dynasty is almost iron plate nail, so he simply take things as they come, every day calm, eat and sleep as usual, read and write as usual. The “war criminals” who had been captured with him, however, were terrified and some were crying all day.

Hu yuancheng’s performance is very strange, but soon, it was his turn to start jaw. because the Ming dynasty issued the “trial” results, hu yuancheng not only will not lose his life, also do not need to wear the bottom of the prison, and by the Ming dynasty to provide daily necessities, clothes and food without worry, more to his surprise, Ming emperor zhu di also appointed him to “make the bureau jian jian jian, gunpowder”. Hu yuancheng and from the “class a war criminals” magically jumped into the Ming officials!

Three: achievements

Originally, hu yuancheng as a prince, not keen on politics, no intention to fight for the throne with his brother, he has his own hobby and expertise, is good at making firearms, can be called the firearms expert in Vietnam. in this chu di sent troops to Vietnam, although daming won the final victory, but in the two sides of the war, but because of Vietnam’s firearms caused many casualties. Zhu di attaches great importance to this situation, when learned that hu yuancheng is an expert in this area, immediately instructed to remove his “prisoner” identity, to reuse.

hu yuancheng ready to die, did not think that daming did not care about his identity as a prisoner of war and entrusted with important tasks, he grateful, will devote himself to the work.

the former Vietnam previously developed themselves “god” of technology take out without reservation, with soldiers make personnel bureau of the improvements and innovation, and derived a few varieties, the sunway fire hag spear “, “rockets fly alone god” and so on, these new equipment without exception, firepower fierce, convenient use, become a new weapon, the man camp in daming troops fighting the enemy, play an important role. Especially after the “change of the fortress of jiebao”, when the mongols invaded Beijing in a large number, the Ming army used the tactics of firing artillery to kill the enemy and other soldiers to take advantage of the situation to attack again, disrupting the formation of the mongols, defeating the mongols and successfully defending Beijing.

hu yuancheng’s arrival, led the development of the Ming firearms into the fast lane, a huge impact, was regarded as the Ming dynasty soldiers “god of firearms”. The gun he invented and modified was the main equipment of the special forces of the capital — shenji battalion, which was of great significance to the history of Chinese musketry. Later, when hu yuancheng was old, his son continued to supervise the construction of firearms, and the father and son held this position for 60 years.

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