Hospital Trivia: Where is the fastest built hospital in the world?

On a barren land, in just ten days, how can China build a hospital with a total construction…

On a barren land, in just ten days, how can China build a hospital with a total construction area of ​​33,900 square meters and a capacity of 1,000 beds?

Urgent help Xiaotangshan team looking for drawings 17 years ago

“I did not expect that the drawing of Xiaotangshan Hospital could be used again, although we do not want it to be used again.”

Hospital Trivia: Where is the fastest built hospital in the world?
Hospital Trivia: Where is the fastest built hospital in the world?

On January 23, Wuhan City held a special conference and decided to build the Vulcan Mountain Hospital with reference to the “Little Tangshan” model in Beijing. At 13:06 the same day, SINOMACH China Zhongyuan Company received a letter of help from Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau.

17 years ago, Dr. Huang Xixuan, Chief Chief Architect of China Zhongyuan Medical, and his team were commissioned to complete the design and construction of the “Little Tangshan” Hospital within 7 days.

This time, it only took 78 minutes. The drawings of Xiaotangshan Hospital were revised and delivered to Wuhan.

At 17:00 on the 23rd, China Construction Third Bureau held a construction preparation meeting for the emergency hospital for the Vulcan Mountain project. At 22 o’clock that night, hundreds of excavators, bulldozers and other construction machinery gathered urgently to carry out field leveling and backfilling overnight.

Within a day, Chinese builders officially switched from the leisure mode of the Spring Festival holiday to the working state of “infrastructural madness”.

Rapid assembly of personnel and equipment

While waiting for the new drawings, the construction team acted to clear the trouble for the project.

According to reports, the maximum height difference between the east and west of the construction site is close to 10 meters, during which there are buildings to be demolished, a large amount of dredging work and fish pond backfilling tasks, and gas coordination is also required.

On New Year’s Eve, 95 diggers, 33 bulldozers, 5 road rollers, 160 dump trucks, and more than 400 workers quickly entered the site, leveling Xiaotu Mountain overnight.

People and supplies quickly gathered. Li Songben, the person in charge of the design and connection of the project resource guarantee team, has returned to his hometown in Tongren, Guizhou. After learning about the Vulcan Mountain, he drove 700 kilometers for more than 10 hours and finally arrived at the construction site of Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

More difficult is the supply of materials. During the Spring Festival, some materials are not available, some materials are not enough, and some materials are enough, but they rely on eating “hundreds of meals” and using various models from multiple manufacturers to “patch orders.”

In the face of this challenge, the builders paid within their means and arranged the material procurement team to feed back the materials and equipment they could purchase to the design institute for the first time to make drawings based on the existing materials and equipment. Special arrangements to hedge the impact of differences in specifications.

Major companies work closely to provide various guarantees and provide mobility

At the same time as construction projects are being promoted, related enterprises are also taking action, on the one hand, to provide supporting and protection, and on the other hand, to provide some mobile forces in response to sudden needs.

China Telecom completed the construction of the hospital’s fixed line, optical fiber, 4G and 5G network coverage, medical cloud, remote consultation and other information systems before the official delivery of Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

Based on a high-performance 5G network, China Telecom and Central Video launched the “24-hour Epidemic Situation”, which broadcasted high-definition live broadcasts of the two hospitals on Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain while watching more than 80 million online users online.

On New Year’s Eve, the Shanghai Hospital of the Three Gorges Group received a call for help. The construction site of Vulcan Mountain Hospital urgently needed geosynthetics for the construction of the base impervious layer. The staff of the Shanghai Institute mobilized personnel the next afternoon to meet the construction needs.

On February 1, China Construction Decoration received an urgent notice. The company then dispatched 50 management personnel and 200 construction personnel to rush to Mount Vulcan to finalize the construction of the board room, interior partition boards, ceiling ceilings, and the installation of 600 sets of finished doors, and fully completed the decoration construction task.

Adopt strict standards to ensure that pollutants do not penetrate the soil and water bodies

While ensuring “fast enough”, Vulcan Mountain Hospital also achieved “good enough”.

Tang Qun, the person in charge of the design of the project, introduced that Vulcan Mountain Hospital is in the form of a battlefield hospital. The hospital has a special space layout to effectively isolate the patient and medical staff’s activity space. At the same time, a negative pressure air flow is formed on the air tissue. Cross-infection with air as a medium.

In response to the external pollution concerns, Tang Qun said that 50,000 square meters of anti-seepage film was laid on the Vulcan Mountain Hospital to cover the entire hospital area to ensure that pollutants would not penetrate into the soil and water. At the same time, the hospital was equipped with rainwater and sewage treatment. The system can be discharged into the municipal pipe network only after reaching the standard after two chlorine gas disinfection treatments.

Tang Qun said that each ward in the hospital is equipped with a separate non-recycling fresh air system and an exhaust system, which together form a negative pressure system to maintain a continuous supply of fresh air in the ward. The exhaust gas is discharged into the air after disinfection. . In addition, the hospital set up a garbage incinerator on the south side of the No. 1 ward building, and solid waste was incinerated to ensure no environmental pollution.

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