We all know that the bags carried by Chinese students are basically diverse, and there are all kinds of them. Especially Chinese elementary school students, when they are young, they carry large school bags and they are full of books. As if carrying a stone. For parents of children, when we choose a school bag, we usually do n’t have any particular attention. As long as the child likes it, the price is not expensive, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and the most expensive. Hundreds of dollars. But do you know? In the remote island country of Japan, their children ’s school bags are generally priced at 30,000-50,000 yen, equivalent to about 2,000-3,000 yuan. So why is the gap so large? Let’s take a look at it together.

  1. Work gap

Japanese schoolbags are very particular about materials and workmanship. Most Japanese schoolbags are made of very strong leather, and most of the workmanship is also artificial. Because the history of schoolbags for Japanese elementary school students comes from military backpacks, they are all produced in terms of production. It is required in accordance with the standards of the military. A simple schoolbag will go through hundreds of processes, and each process will be inspected manually. The schoolbags produced in this way are very strong and durable, as long as they are not intentionally damaged, it is not a problem for more than 6 years of use. Most of our Chinese schoolbags are not so particular. If we want to score Chinese and Japanese schoolbags, the full score is 100 points. I think Japan should be 90, and we should be 60.

A Chinese student ’s schoolbag is a few tens of yuan, and Japanese students ’3,000 yuan
A Chinese student ’s schoolbag is a few tens of yuan, and Japanese students ’3,000 yuan

  1. Guarantee gap

Since the Japanese attach great importance to the safety of children, there is another important indicator in the manufacture of school bags. That is, the warranty period is 6 years. As long as the school bag has any quality problems within 6 years, it can be returned to the merchant for repair. The period is completely No charge. On the other hand, although the quality of our schoolbags in China is fair, there is almost no warranty period. If the schoolbag is broken, either repair it yourself or buy it again. Few merchants dare to promise a 6-year warranty.

  1. Functional gap

In addition to the normal installation of learning tools, Japanese schoolbags also have functions such as anti-missing and anti-collision. Japanese merchants will install GPS systems in schoolbags. Once students encounter unexpected or missing situations, as long as the students press the schoolbag The GPS button, the school and parents will find the child’s location as soon as possible. In addition, the Japanese schoolbag also has a certain degree of anti-collision function. If the bear child is accidentally hit by the car, the schoolbag can serve as a buffer to maximize the safety of the child. When an earthquake occurs, children can also protect themselves by covering their heads with school bags. In contrast, our Chinese schoolbags are relatively simple in function, except that it can be installed as a simple bag.

In the end, the editor believes that it is reasonable for Japanese schoolbags to be expensive. Their workmanship, materials, and functions are very good. For the price of thousands of dollars, the most important thing is that the Japanese pay enough attention to the safety of children. This is very worthy of our study.

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