It is impossible for humans to fall asleep when standing (> > can people sleep if they keep standing), and it is even more impossible to stand on one leg, but birds can stand on one leg while sleeping.

Bird trivia: why do birds like to stand on one leg
Bird trivia: why do birds like to stand on one leg

As a bird’s primitive nature, it sleeps on one leg, the other leg tucked in its feathers, its neck reversed, and its head inserted into its wings. Ornithologists believe that they do this to reduce energy consumption and put one foot under their wings to rest, usually alternating between two feet “independent.”.

In the wild, birds that don’t build nests sleep like this. The effects of this are as follows: (1) the legs of birds have no feathers, and they dissipate heat quickly at night. It is beneficial to keep body temperature by folding one leg. (2) Small parasites easily lie down on their legs and fold up one leg, which is conducive to reducing the damage of parasites.

Bird’s balance ability is very strong, even when sleeping, the brain balance center is still playing a role, adjust the body’s balance at any time.

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