Roseanne Barr is a personality that warmed the hearts of American audiences for an entire decade. Her sitcom “Roseanne” was a huge success in the 90’s, and she became kind of an American monument long after the show ended. So, the excitement that overtook the country when it was announced that “Roseanne” would get a 10th season 21 years after the 9th ended was perfectly understandable. The revival broke records for ABC, premiering to 18 million viewers, but that victory was very short lived.

Hollywood scandal trivia: Roseanne Barr: Gone In A Blink
Hollywood scandal trivia: Roseanne Barr: Gone In A Blink

On May 29, 2018, just one week after the end of the season, Barr posted a highly criticized racist tweet aimed at Barack Obama’s former senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. The tweet (which compared Jarrett to an ape) created an absolute tornado of backlash, and in a matter of hours, Barr’s entire world and legacy crashed and burned — the “Roseanne” revival was cancelled a couple of hours later, and she lost everything. Barr later tried to apologize for the tweet, claiming that she was on Ambien at the time of writing it, but Ambien manufacturer Sanofi responded to that apology by simply tweeting that “racism is not a known side effect of the drug.”

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