This is one of the more cruel ways to kill a person – a contrived venomous snake bite. Sooraj Kumar of Kerala, India not only purposely had his wife bitten by an extremely dangerous Russell’s Viper, but finished her off months later with an Indian Cobra.

Kumar’s wife Uthra had given birth to a son one year prior to her murder. She was a young woman, with a loving family. He husband killed her to collect her dowry and cash in a life insurance policy. Tragic, but not unusual. What was unusual was the methodical, well-researched and incredibly cruel way he killed her. After Sooraj researched how to handle snakes he first attempted to kill Uthra with the viper. She survived.

Cruel Trivia: Sooraj Kumar, The Snakebite Killer
Cruel Trivia: Sooraj Kumar, The Snakebite Killer

She spent 52 agonising days bedridden and was probably going to need plastic surgery. Whilst Uthra was recuperating at her parent’s home, Sooraj purchased a second snake, let it loose in their bedroom where she was bitten a second time, this time fatally.

The case is ongoing as of the writing of this list.

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