We usually think that in order to resist the invasion of the northern peoples militarily. Politically consolidated the rule of Qin Shihuang. The Great Wall is a product of political and military struggles between nations and different political forces within nations during the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. The focus is on solving problems of war and peace.

However, according to the American physicist organization website, Israeli scientists have made a detailed map of the northern part of the Great Wall of China. They used aerial photography, satellite photography, and archaeological research materials in their research.

Chinese trivia: What was the reason for the construction of the Great Wall in ancient China?
Chinese trivia: What was the reason for the construction of the Great Wall in ancient China?

The author of the study stated: “Before we conducted the study, most people believed that the purpose of the Great Wall was to stop Genghis Khan’s army.” However, the scientific research data overturned this conclusion. The researchers gave a reason. According to this reason, the Great Wall was relatively low and was still located beside the road passed by the shepherds in the Middle Ages.

Therefore, scientists believe that controlling local residents is the main reason for the construction of the Great Wall. Researchers believe that with the help of the Great Wall, the movement of shepherds who are looking for new pastures in cold weather was successfully restricted. Scientists believe that the Chinese regime at the time tried to control population movement and levy taxes in this way.

The North Line of the Great Wall is located in modern Mongolia. Its length is approximately 740 kilometers. This section of the Great Wall was built in the 11th and 13th centuries.

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