In 1966, psychologist Charles Hofling designed an experiment and implemented it in a real hospital in order to prove that people are too obedient to the words of professionals or authorities. The nurses on duty received a call from a doctor asking them to administer a patient at twice the maximum dose of an unapproved drug, and the drug packaging bottle clearly stated that the dose might kill the patient.

Horror experiment trivia: the world's most terrifying experiment Hofling Hospital experiment
Horror experiment trivia: the world’s most terrifying experiment Hofling Hospital experiment

However, among the 22 nurses, 21 are still preparing to administer medicine to patients in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. None of them has seen the doctor, which has obviously violated the hospital management regulations.
But other similar experiments have shown that most of us are no better than these nurses. We are very obedient and have lost the most basic judgment!

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