Should you find yourself in Germany on New Year’s Eve, you could take part in Bleigiessen or ‘lead pouring’ with a group of friends and family. Lead pouring is done while standing in a circle or a group and melting a small piece of lead on a spoon over a candle. Once the lead is melted, you drop it in a bowl or glass of cool water. This causes the lead to harden again into whatever shape it takes as it hits the water. The shape is said to predict what the new year holds in store for you.

New Year's Trivia: The Bleigiessen of Wonderful New Year Customs
New Year’s Trivia: The Bleigiessen of Wonderful New Year Customs

For instance, if your blob of lead hardens in the shape of an eagle, you will fly and travel more in the upcoming year. If you find that the lead has taken the shape of a horse bit, you will soon have dental troubles. Should you be lucky enough to get the shape of a wheel, you will win the lottery, but if your lead takes on the shape of a cross it could mean death.

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