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What does “fascism” mean? How to call it a dicta

In World War II, we call the three axis countries of Germany, Japan, and Italy as fascist dictators. So, what does "fascism" mean? Why is the dictatorship called "fascism"?

What does “fascism” mean? How to call it a dicta-3trivia
What does “fascism” mean? How to call it a dicta

The term "fascism" first appeared in ancient Rome more than 2,000 years ago. At that time, when the governor of the country, the governor, went on a tour, there were 24 followers, accompanied by a bundle of crowbars tied with a belt, with a sharp tomahawk in the middle. This crowbar is "fascism" and Latin is "fasces", which symbolizes violence and authority. It is the symbol of the supreme power of the Roman state.

After the First World War, Mussolini established the "Fascist Party" in Italy and seized the state power. Mussolini expanded its aggression and carried out a dictatorial dictatorship of terror. Therefore, this kind of thought and proposition is called fascism. Such a regime is also called the fascist regime. Later, Germany also promoted fascism, and Japan pursued militarism and provoked the Second World War.

Fascism is one of the most brutal and reactionary policies, and it is an anti-democratic policy pursued in a capitalist society in the event of a serious social crisis. "Fascism" was hated as a synonym for horror and dictatorship. With the end of the Second World War, fascism collapsed completely.


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