Canned food is now one of our daily foods, easy to store and not deteriorate, but the history of can openers is nearly 50 years behind cans. The earliest canned patent was in 1810, and the earliest can opener patent was in 1858.

The history of canned food is as follows: in the early 19th century, the world’s maritime trade was very developed. The crew lived on the sea for a long time, could not eat fresh vegetables and fruits, often became sick, and even suffered from severe scurvy. So France The government offered a reward of 12,000 francs for a long-term method of storing food.

Can opener was invented 48 years later than can
Can opener was invented 48 years later than can

There is also a saying that the French King Napoleon offered a reward for the solution to the food supply problem during the war, and the French government offered a reward.

Among them, the French chef Apel, after a long period of continuous research and practice, finally found a way in 1804: put the food into a wide-mouth glass bottle, plug the bottle with a wooden stopper, and put it into the steamer to heat it. Then tighten the cork and seal it with wax. The Abels were rewarded by the French government and were warmly welcomed by the seafarers. The technology was made public after it was patented in 1810. This is the earliest can.

Appel received a bonus from Napoleon and opened a factory to provide food for the French. Shortly after the advent of Apel’s glass cans, the British Peter Durand developed a tin can made of thin bismuth iron and patented it in the UK. The patent was later adopted by Hall, Gan. Obtained by Gamble and Donkin. For the ancestor of the commonly used iron cans.

In 1862, the French biologist Pasteur published a paper stating that food spoilage is caused by bacteria. As a result, the cannery uses steam sterilization technology to bring canned foods to absolute sterility standards. Today’s aluminum foil cans are born in the United States in the 20th century.

The history of can openers was more than 40 years later. In 1858, American Ezra Warner applied for a patent for a can opener. In 1870, William Lyman invented a can opener with wheels. In 1925 Star Can invented the can opener with saw gears. In 1931, an electric can opener appeared.

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