The official regulations of the officials of the Ming Dynasty: the official officials of the civil service embroidered poultry, the military commander painted the beast. The civil servant is a robes, embroidered cranes; two robes, embroidered pheasants; three robes, embroidered peacocks; four robes, embroidered geese; five-green robes, embroidered white plaques; six-piece green robes, embroidered herons; Qingpao, embroidered
Creek edict ; eight green robes, embroidered yellow enamel; nine green robes, embroidered quail .

Idiom Trivia:What is the original meaning of "clothing animals" in Chinese idioms?
Idiom Trivia:What is the original meaning of “clothing animals” in Chinese idioms?

The generals painted a unicorn; two robes, painted lions; three robes, painted tigers; four robes, painted leopards; five green robes, painted bears; six products, seven green robes, painted enamel; eight green Robe, painted rhinoceros; nine green robes, painted hippocampus.

Therefore, it is said that the civil and military officials are “dressed animals and animals”. Later, due to the greed laws of some officials in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, bullying the people and doing nothing, they naturally become derogatory words.

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