The consequences of the ancient students playing the teacher are very serious, and it is serious that they may be sentenced to death! “Tiandi Jun relatives”, the teacher’s status is second only to the emperor’s relatives, and the “God’s List” of ordinary people’s homes are all dedicated to “the heavenly kings”. The ancients also said that “a day is a teacher and a life is a father.” “Lv’s Spring and Autumn · Respecting the Teacher” also said, “Life is good, and death is a sacrifice, and this respects the teacher.” What if the students played the teacher in ancient times?

Teacher trivia:What happens when a Chinese ancient student beats a teacher?
Teacher trivia:What happens when a Chinese ancient student beats a teacher?

“Do not fight or not.” Some students don’t give you the rule of Wang Fa, you can’t control it, especially when you are born, you should go to jail. So the ancient teacher’s corporal punishment of students is an ordinary thing. Every teacher has a ruler of a ruler. Specially spanking. When a teacher punishes a student, the student cannot and does not dare to resist, otherwise he will be punished. As for the students who beat the teacher, it is definitely a crime against the king. The consequences are very serious. Seriously, they may be sentenced to death!

The “Old Tang Book” records an example: When Tang Ruizong, some of the princes of the heavens entered the Guozijian, thinking that they would not be obsessed with officials, so they were more tired of learning. “When the apprentices gradually relax,” the name Confucianism was appointed as the president of the Guozijian. After he took office, he vigorously rectified his studies style, often personally examined students, and played unfairly on those who failed. In this way, some lazy students have suffered a lot, and several beaten students have gathered together to do something unprecedented: a night with high nights, on the streets of the capital, the principal of Yangshuo was grouped up. Students are crowded in public.

How serious is the consequences of beating the teacher? After Tang Ruizong knew about this incident, the students had a big event: “The one who heard the truth and killed the unruly person by the rod, is the beginning.” The emperor decreed that he would beat the teacher. The student was executed.

The teacher is a disciplined student, and the student’s beating of the teacher is a crime, and the rules of the ancients are fixed.

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