First, it is necessary to examine the family background of the women who are applying for the application. For example, there is no entanglement between the family members and the officialdom, and there is no criminal record of the crime; and the woman is no more than 17 years old. After the first level of screening, then interview, observe the woman’s posture. This “body” includes the overall image of a person, such as asking a woman’s eyebrows to show off her eyes, and her lips are red and white.

Prostitute trivia:What ancient Chinese prostitutes need to take those exams?
Prostitute trivia:What ancient Chinese prostitutes need to take those exams?

Second, since the prostitute is chosen, the appearance of the woman is different from the appearance of the ordinary woman. Such as eyebrows, the so-called “eyebrows” means that the eyebrows are clear, the eyebrows can not be too far off; “eye show” does not mean that the eyes are large, fine and smooth, the triangular eyes are absolutely impossible; and the purple eyes are black The lip color is considered to be “a fate” and it is also impossible. The body should be fat and thin, and the most important thing is that the hair should be thick. Because whether the hair is black and thick is an external manifestation of whether a person’s sexual desire is strong. There have been “Miscellaneous Secrets” records, women “shoulders are one foot six inches wide, buttocks are three inches less than shoulder width. From shoulder to finger, each length is two feet seven inches, refers to four inches from the palm, small is more popular… …” However, I don’t know how many women will meet this condition at the time?

Third, after these two levels, it is necessary to hire a woman to perform a naked body examination, mainly to look at the woman’s body hair. In ancient China, what kind of women could be loved by men? Perhaps, the daughter-in-law was not allowed to choose because of the life of the parents and the words of the matchmakers. However, if she came to the brothel to find flowers, she could choose her favorite woman. Therefore, the female top product, first of all her pussy and underarm hair, is relatively soft, not too rare, not red or yellowish brown, which is considered by men to be “damaging the body”, and may even incur Broken.

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