People in the Tang Dynasty think that fat is beautiful, and Yang Guifei is typical of this beauty. In history, Yang Guifei is a great musician and dancer with the grace of the country and the graceful dance. It is also because of her proficiency in the temperament that she and Tang Xuanzong have more common topics and more similar interests. And Yang Guifei also stunned four pieces with a song “Ningshang Feathers” and became the first beauty of Datang. Litchi products “Xiaozixiao” is also famous for Yang Guifei.

Yang Guifei’s noble drunkenness is also a story familiar to later generations, and the drunkenness of the nobles is now being adapted into songs, dramas and so on. Yang Guifei, in the end, became one of the four great beauty of the ancients.

Tang Dynasty trivia:Is it wrong to take fat for beauty?
Tang Dynasty trivia:Is it wrong to take fat for beauty?

Then the Tang Dynasty really advocates fat and fat, is it fat to be beautiful? Not! Bai Juyi’s poem wrote: “Yang Liu Xiao Luan”, instead of the bucket waist, also shows that the aesthetic of the Tang Dynasty is not advocating fat. Yang Guifei’s real height is 165. The weight is 68KG. Even if it is based on modern standards, it is not a fat and fat person. It can only be regarded as Feng Wei. The misunderstanding of the Tang Dynasty’s beauty of fat and fat is also due to the fact that most of the women in the Tang Dynasty’s paintings are fat. The women in the Tang Dynasty paintings are indeed fat, but this is not because the woman is true. Fat. The paintings of the Tang Dynasty were mostly freehand. In the ancient days when food was scarce, fat was a superior performance of life. Therefore, the Tang Dynasty did not use fat as beauty, but fat. In fact, it’s not just in ancient China. The characters in modern European paintings that we have seen today are also painted fat. It looks like a very rich and very expensive look. Therefore, the fat in painting does not mean that Really fat, but plump.

In the age when fat is respected, if a painter paints a character thinner, the employer is not willing to draw people so thin. Do you mean that I have no money at home and can’t afford good food? In the age when food was scarce, the painter could be pleased to paint for himself. Most of them were also the ones who were not bad at the money, so the characters in the portraits were generally overweight.

Secondly, we are familiar with the open atmosphere of the Tang Dynasty, the busty chest, the chest dress, and the place where the body is not shown except the chest, so the women at that time also worked hard on the chest. There are two types of skirts, but it is generally more broad-ranging for a pair of chest-chest skirts. In addition, Guanzhong’s face is relatively large, so it seems that people are more obese, as if hiding a big bucket under the skirt, in fact, under the skirt is a small waist. In addition, the women in the Tang Dynasty paintings were not painted fat during the Tang Dynasty. In the early Tang Dynasty, women were not fat, but only in the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, people have mistakenly thought that the Tang Dynasty was a dynasty with fat and fat as beauty.

In addition, the Tang Dynasty has begun to flow into the Hu people. The ancient Hu people are also the small partners in the north today, while the northern Hu people are mostly nomads, tall and strong, and in the aspect of height, the natives certainly cannot The theory of the phase. Emperors who paid attention to diplomacy at that time also encouraged people to get in touch with new things. The people’s customs were popularized. In people’s diet, aesthetics and so on, they were also influenced by Hu people. Hu Hua was obvious, Hu people were fat, so the Tang Dynasty people followed suit. So the portraits are also more fat.

Now many fat little friends are hoping to cross the Tang Dynasty and feel that their body is the kind of body that the Tang Dynasty pursues. After reading this article, is there some mourning in my heart, I feel that I am solitary. So, is it late for dinner to eat less? Ok, friends, do you think that people’s aesthetics are mainly fat, or thin?

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