The global wig market is worth $20 billion in 2019, a huge market for wigs. Do you know who was the first people in the world to use wigs?

According to relevant historical materials and unearthed cultural relics records, the world’s first use of wigs originated from ancient Egypt.

Wig Trivia: Who were the first people to use wigs?
Wig Trivia: Who were the first people to use wigs?

The ancient egyptians began using wigs more than four thousand years ago. There are, however, many USES for wigs

  • 1,Wigs protect the head from the sun
  • 2, the ancient egyptians were very clean, people’s own hair is easy to be contaminated with dust, so the ancient egyptians remove their own hair with wigs.

The ancient egyptians wore wigs

  1. The length of the wig is usually up to the end of the ear or up to the shoulder.
  2. There are strict rules on the style of wigs worn by people of different classes.
  3. Wigs gradually became the symbol of aristocracy and commoners in the later period.

In ancient Egypt, the wig industry was highly respected.

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