Black Death Trivia: What is Dr. Beak?

In the Middle Ages, the Black Death spread across Europe. To prevent infection, doctors at that time wore…

In the Middle Ages, the Black Death spread across Europe. To prevent infection, doctors at that time wore waxed linen or canvas shirts, black hats on their heads, masks that could filter air, and beaks like eyes. Protected by the glass, wearing white gloves and a wooden stick, used to lift the patient ’s sheets or clothing, or to direct the patient how to treat the disease. They deeply believe that such equipment can protect themselves from the Black Death infection.

The plague (also known as the Black Death) is rampant in Europe. Some people say that it was brought by the Mongolian army. This is still controversial in the history of medicine. At that time, the European people panicked that the six relatives did not recognize it. Isolation and escape could not effectively stop the epidemic, and the source of the infection was unknown. It may be God’s punishment, the witch’s masterpiece or the Jewish tricks. The doctor suffered heavy losses.

Black Death Trivia: What is Dr. Beak?
Black Death Trivia: What is Dr. Beak?

Later, under the responsibility of having to approach the patient, he came up with a countermeasure and invented a protective clothing (pictured): the doctor was wearing a coat made of oil-proof cloth from head to toe, his hands were wrapped in huge gloves, and he was wearing The hat and face are hidden in a mask that can filter the air and look like a beak. The eyes are protected by transparent glass, and a long stick is held in the hand. When necessary, the patient is instructed how to treat the disease.

Because the medicine was not developed at that time, the cause was not known at all, so this kind of dressing was used to scare away the sickness. They were called Doctor Schnabel.

The origin of this mask was invented in 1619 by a French doctor named Charles de Lorme,
He stuffed cotton and other fillers into the mouth and nose of a mask and used it as a gas mask to treat patients with plague.

This mask protrudes from the nose and mouth, and digs two holes in the eyes. He also covered his hair with a bowler hat, put on a robe to block dirt, and touched the patient with a stick in his hand.

Originally this was only a sanitary measure, and later it was introduced to Venice. According to records, there was a mask carnival in Venice in the 13th century. People who participated in the carnival liked this mask and exaggerated the protruding part of the nose and mouth, like a beak Huge male genitalia.

Because the dress of this mask is very similar to crow and death, it is reminiscent of the Black Death in the 14th century.

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