On June 13, the 114th regular press conference on epidemic prevention and control held in Beijing, China announced that in response to the new epidemic in the Beijing Xinfadi market, the Beijing Municipal and District Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a report on this market on June 12. The new coronavirus nucleic acid test found 40 environmentally positive samples; 45 of the practitioners had positive throat swabs.

So, what exactly does “a positive throat swab” mean; what is the difference between a positive throat swab and a confirmed case of the new crown; how are people who have a positive throat swab isolated?

Trivia COVID-19:What is the difference between a positive throat swab and a confirmed case?
Trivia COVID-19:What is the difference between a positive throat swab and a confirmed case?

A positive throat swab means there is a virus in the body

“After encountering this new crown pneumonia epidemic, throat swab collection is currently the main detection method for viral nucleic acid in my country. If the throat swab is positive, it means that the nucleic acid test is positive, indicating that these 45 people carry the new crown virus in their bodies.” A well-known immunologist System experts told reporters.

What does a positive nucleic acid test mean? According to reports, the coronavirus is composed of protein and ribonucleic acid. Ribonucleic acid is responsible for the reproduction of the virus; the protein on the outside maintains the particle shape of the virus and protects the ribonucleic acid inside. Therefore, nucleic acid testing is to directly detect the presence of the virus at present, which means that a positive throat swab nucleic acid means that the virus is present in the body.

The new coronavirus is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract, and the pharynx is where the virus gathers more. The specific method is to dip a small amount of secretions from the human pharynx with a medical cotton swab, and then perform relevant tests on these specimens.

The above-mentioned experts told reporters that two or more throat swab tests are generally required to determine an infected person. Only two throat swabs are positive for an infected person. The interval between the two samplings is 24 hours. Negative throat swabs in two nucleic acid tests are also an indicator of discharge.

A positive throat swab does not mean it is a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia

“A positive throat swab nucleic acid may be an asymptomatic infection or a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia,” said Cheng Zhenshun, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and chairman of the Respiratory Branch of the Wuhan Medical Association. A confirmed case of pneumonia.

Cheng Zhenshun explained, “If the subject has a positive throat swab nucleic acid, but does not have clinical symptoms, such as fever, breathing difficulties, etc., and the lung CT has no obvious manifestations of viral infection, then it is called an asymptomatic infection. .”

Cheng Zhenshun added that according to the description of the diagnostic criteria for confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Seventh Edition)”, after the subject’s nucleic acid test is positive, whether it is a confirmed case needs to be combined with clinical manifestations and Lung CT and other test results. Only those who meet the diagnostic criteria for new coronary pneumonia can be said to be confirmed cases.

“From the recent survey results in Wuhan, asymptomatic infections are very weakly contagious, but asymptomatic infections may become symptomatic, so they need to be isolated and observed. Generally speaking, asymptomatic infections can be quarantined and observed. No special treatment.” Cheng Zhenshun said further.

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