Recently, there has been a saying on the Internet that long-term use of mobile phones, especially at night, can cause macular disease in the eye, leading to macular degeneration, which is like suffering from “eye cancer”. There is no cure for it, and it can even cause blindness.

In fact, the pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly the aging changes in the structure of the macular area of ​​the eye, which is usually a natural result of advanced age degeneration. As age increases, the retinal tissue degenerates and becomes thinner, causing a decline in macular function. There are many reasons for macular degeneration, including heredity, age, eye inflammation, high blood sugar, high blood fat, high blood pressure, smoking, long-term outdoor work, exposure to bright light, etc. These factors are related to playing mobile phones in the dark. , And long-term use of mobile phones is not directly related.

Mobile phone trivia: Will looking at the phone for a long time cause macular degeneration?
Mobile phone trivia: Will looking at the phone for a long time cause macular degeneration?

In addition, it is not accurate to refer to macular degeneration as “eye cancer”. The so-called “eye cancer” refers to a malignant tumor that grows in the eye, which is generally inherited or caused by its own genetic mutation. The saying that “playing on mobile phones in the dark will cause eye cancer” is a bit sensational and easily misleading.

However, although this statement is not scientific, it is indeed a bad habit to indulge in playing with mobile phones, which can easily damage human health.

Scientific research shows that long-term use of mobile phone control before going to bed may damage the human immune system and cause long-term fatigue damage, resulting in a significant decrease in vision. Neck pain and low back pain may begin at a young age. Dark spots and youth may appear on the originally smooth skin. Acne, and some people are allergic to a certain metal on the phone.

In addition, long-term use of mobile phones will reduce the quality of sleep. The brightness of the mobile phone screen will affect the secretion of melatonin, so that after putting down the mobile phone and falling asleep, we are in a state of light sleep and cannot enter deep sleep. After this situation is repeated many times, the sleep pattern will be completely disrupted, and people will become more and more difficult to fall asleep, and they may become more dependent on playing mobile phones, thus forming a vicious circle.

Therefore, everyone still has to learn to use mobile phones rationally and not to become “mobile phone control”.

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