First, let us review the definition of sunburn. There are two types of sunburn: ultraviolet B waves (UVB) cause skin irritation, “sunburn”, and ultraviolet A waves (UVA) make the skin instantly darker.

The body that tends to darken makes melanin, which is the melanocytes scattered in the deep part of the epidermis. When exposed to ultraviolet light, epidermal cells release signal substances and stimulate melanocytes to activate melanin synthesis. Melanocytes enter the epidermal cells and are densely arranged to cover the nucleus, forming a black membranous structure (melanic cap) to block ultraviolet rays and protect the DNA in the nucleus. Because it acts as a hat to protect the nucleus, it is called the “nuclear cap phenomenon” and is a wonderful function of the human body.

Skin trivia: Why do some people get tanned easily?
Skin trivia: Why do some people get tanned easily?

Although many people have a good feeling for fair skin, white skin contains a smaller amount of melanin, which acts as a UV absorber and also. The characteristic is that it is prone to inflammation when encountering the sun. Therefore, wrinkles and spots easily occur, and photoaging may occur. Therefore, active UV care is very important.

People whose skin tends to darken can be said to be those whose melanocytes react sensitively. If you perceive “bath ultraviolet rays”, it will quickly synthesize a lot of melanin, so the skin will turn black, which is a kind of resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Skin characteristics of people who are difficult to tan

People whose skin turns red rapidly when exposed to ultraviolet rays will not turn black when sunburned. However, this skin melanin cannot block ultraviolet rays and damages the dermis. Therefore, if effective ultraviolet measures are not taken, spots, wrinkles, Skin aging (photoaging) such as sagging is prone to occur, and the risk of skin cancer also increases, so be careful. In fact, the incidence of skin cancer among whites is more than 100 times that of Chinese.

Internal care and external care for UV protection measures

In addition, even the sunscreen of sunscreen cannot completely cut off ultraviolet rays. In summer, sometimes sunscreen will be washed away by sweat, and the most important thing is to adequately take in UV-resistant ingredients (antioxidant ingredients) in the body to improve defenses. Specifically, vitamins A, C, E (ACE), beta carotene, -L-cysteine, lycopene, polyphenols, such as lutein, astaxanthin, let us eat positively to choose foods, Including many such as ellagic acid.

In order to effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, don’t apply sunscreen to think everything will be fine. The main thing is to repeat the application carefully. When throwing out garbage or drying clothes, be careful not to neglect UV care when you go out. For moisturizing, please apply lotion and cream after washing your face every day. In addition, according to the skin’s metabolism, in order to discharge melanin, it promotes blood circulation and promotes regeneration through cold protection and massage. Please note that from sunrise to sunset, 365 days of UV countermeasures are required.

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