Psychologists say that humans’ fear of rats was passed down from ancestors to modern people, and they could indeed cause real harm to human health.

Psychologist Ilya Shabshin said, “People have deep fears, but these fears are not very reasonable. There are some so-called ancient creatures. Relatively speaking, we have only recently become civilized humans. Yes. The fear of mice, snakes, and spiders was formed in ancient times.”

Rat trivia: Why are people afraid of rats?
Rat trivia: Why are people afraid of rats?

According to him, it is usually women who are afraid of rats, because in their emotional elements, fear is more obvious.

Psychologist, writer, and TV host Mikhail Hoss said that fear is a tool that nature gives us to ensure our own safety. And phobia is a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, it will make people lose control of their lives. As far as mice are concerned, experts say: mice will laugh and will not leave the same people indifferent. Most people have a bit of normal fear, but far fewer people have phobias.

Experts believe that the fear of rats can be eliminated in a relatively short period of time. To this end, you need to learn to relax yourself-learn to relax your muscles. Psychologists explained, “In order to achieve the goal of no longer being afraid of rats, it can be done step by step. Generally, it can be divided into 5-6 steps. For example, observe the rats in the cage from 3 meters away, then 2 meters and 1 meter. , And then try to touch it, and then put it in your hands. When completing each step, you need to relax yourself.”

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