Psychology researchers at the University of Glasgow conducted a survey study, the subject of which was more than 15,000 men and women, and asked how many personal partners they had ever had?

The survey results found that men have a high probability of exaggerating the number of heterosexual partners.

Couple trivia: why men like to exaggerate the number of their partners
Couple trivia: why men like to exaggerate the number of their partners

Researchers claim that this study is an important part of human sexual behavior research and assessment of the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

The therapist Rachel said that there is a phenomenon of discrimination in society, that is, men are proud to have many heterosexual partners, while women are shameful to have many heterosexual partners. This phenomenon of social discrimination may be the reason for the tendency of the survey results.

Statistics released by matchmaking application Tinder show that male users approve of the personal data of 46% of their date, while women only approve of the personal information of 14% of their date. Research on raw data also found that approximately 80% of female users are competing for 20% of male dates at the same time.

This shows that when choosing a date, men’s active choice is more than three times that of women.

The results of psychology research from the University of Glasgow and statistics released by matchmaking app Tinder mean that men are more attentive and bragging when it comes to pursuing women.

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