Nose bridge, big nose I think every man wants to have, a hooked nose can fascinate countless girls, but too long will affect the overall beauty, such as the following we are going to introduce the most nose in the world For a long person, this nose is really ugly, like a monster, but it does exist. His nose is 8.8cm long and has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Nose trivia: The longest nose in the world is 14cm
Nose trivia: The longest nose in the world is 14cm

The length of our ordinary people’s nose is generally between 45-55, but there is a man in Turkey whose nose is as long as 8.8cm. It is really big and long. He is known as the person with the largest nose in the world. His nose is also He is included in the Guinness Book of Records and is the current world record holder. He himself is also famous for his nose. Did you see the picture above? Do you like this big nose?

So, it’s not that the bigger the nose is, the better it looks. Everything has to have a degree. There must be contrast. Of course it’s not good if the nose is too big, but one thing is good, it’s easy for people to remember this characteristic of you. . Because his nose was too long, his friends gave him a friendly nickname, the king of noses. To be honest, the editor has only seen such a big nose in film and television works.

In fact, he can’t be regarded as the largest nose in the world, and there is one bigger than him.

According to relevant information, the current owner of the longest nose in the world should be this old man. His nose is 14cm long. This year he is more than 80 years old because he lives in the countryside all the year round, so he has not received much attention, but he After measuring his nose, its length reached 14cm, which is 5cm longer than the current world record holder. If he goes to apply, I think this head will definitely fall on him. .

The 14cm nose is already in front of the mouth. How can I eat? Isn’t this the same as the clown on TV? It feels like you can play in your true colors! Such a long nose does look a little weird. Do you still want a big nose now?

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