Anyone who knows American variety shows should have survived the adult reality show “The Calling Man”, which mainly records the lives of five callers. Among them, the popular American male duck king Nick Hawk recently made one. The crazy move was to insure his penis for $1 million, which is called the most expensive penis in the world.
American male duck king penis worth $1 million

Penis trivia: The most expensive penis in the world is worth $1 million!
Penis trivia: The most expensive penis in the world is worth $1 million!

You may have heard that “The Calling Man” is an adult reality show series on SHOWTIME TV in the United States. The show records the lives of 5 Calling Men in Las Vegas. Follow them to take pictures of their daily life and relationships, including their dating with women and intimate contact activities.

Nick Hawk, as the hot spicy duck of this show, opened a new chapter in penis care. Yes, recently he felt insecure and decided to insure his male genitalia for one million dollars. Although it is not an exaggeration to do anything for the penis, there are some stories about the penis of a duck king. For this reason, someone interviewed him about what the most expensive penis in the world is like.

  1. Why do you want to insure your penis and you still insured it for $1 million?

“Fifty Shades of Grey” sounded the alarm for me. Most people don’t know how to control, they know how to use the penis blindly. Many people are too rude to the penis. Everyone wants to show their Megatron side, but not everyone understands how to use their penis reasonably and effectively. Anyway, I can’t avoid the image of a bad boy, so I just insure my penis. At the beginning we went to Lloyds in London to buy insurance. Because this company is famous for insuring the body parts of celebrities, but they are not interested in insuring penis…

  1. Why do you think they are not interested?

Maybe it is the reason of business value or ethical standards, I am not very clear. But who knows? Or maybe they just hate our business. Later, I changed an insurance company. They think it’s normal to insure the penis, but they are just having difficulty in formulating the insurance terms.

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