Do people eat 2 bottles of snot every day? Although the topic is somewhat disgusting, in fact, people’s nasal cavity is producing nasal sputum all the time, a total of about 1000ml per day, almost two water bottles. A small part of the snot is left in the nasal cavity and becomes a salty, sticky thing, and most of them are swallowed by you. This is because the nasal cavity and the esophagus are connected, and the snot is so quietly that you are Drink it.

Do people eat 2 bottles of snot every day?
Do people eat 2 bottles of snot every day?

Don’t panic, the nose is not so disgusting. The snot is a mucus secreted by the nasal cavity. It acts to moisturize, stick to harmful substances and protect the respiratory tract. If you don’t have them, every time you take a breath of air, your nose may feel like the hot air is over the ground where the water is cracked. It’s hard to dry. Of course, if you drink it in your stomach, the harmful substances will be killed by stomach acid and will not endanger your health.

Under normal circumstances, the snot sneaked into the digestive tract, but when the nasal cavity received irritation or infection, such as a cold, rhinitis, the body for self-protection, the amount of nasal secretion will increase, which is actually dead Immune cells and harmful substances are excreted as soon as possible.

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