Recently, a “quickly flashing” marriage in Kuwait, because it was too flashy, it was too unpredictable, once again refreshed the three views of countless people, this marriage, from the marriage formalities to the dissolution of the marriage contract for divorce, only 3 minutes Created the shortest marriage in the history of Kuwait…

The shortest marriage in history: only 3 minutes from marriage to divorce
The shortest marriage in history: only 3 minutes from marriage to divorce

The details are like this. Not long ago, the new couple in Kuwait (there was no name in the report) came to the local court to register for marriage. After all the formalities were completed, the young couple were preparing to take something sweet and leave, right here. At that time, the bride did not stand up and fell in front of her husband. However, the husband did not have the first time to get up and lifted it. Instead, he hahahahaha laughed at the bride and took a mouthful. :”silly!”.

Little couple, maybe this is just a joke, hahaha, but I didn’t expect the husband’s behavior to immediately anger the bride, don’t come to help me, still laugh? The value of anger soared and the bride’s reason gradually disappeared. Then she shouted a sentence that made the entire court arrogant: “Divorce!”

It is estimated that this man who became a husband is also embarrassed. He has not responded. The bride who is mad is already going to the judge to ask for a dissolution of the marriage contract. In this way, the feet have not stepped out of the court, and the two instantly changed from husband and wife to passers-by.

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