Judicial wigs are wigs worn by lawyers and judges. To some extent, judicial wigs are a symbol of law. Before the seventeenth century, British lawyers did not need to wear wigs. Judicial wigs have grown to more than 300 years in the 21st century. British regulations: From October 2, 2008, in addition to the judges who hear criminal cases, most judges and lawyers in the country can no longer wear wigs in court. However, in most cases, wigs still retain this habit in the UK and Hong Kong. Because the wig symbolizes authority.

Why do British judges and lawyers wear wigs?
Why do British judges and lawyers wear wigs?

At that time, people had to wear wigs on more formal occasions, which made them particularly solemn and majestic. Therefore, British judges and lawyers generally believed that wearing a wig can be very solemn and majestic. The scene of shocking, in order to achieve a fair and unselfish trial of the case, over time, the habit of such judicial wigs has been retained. Moreover, the judicial wig also symbolizes the qualifications and experience of the judge’s lawyer. If a judge or a lawyer, his wig is older and older, it means that the older the judge or the lawyer, the richer the experience, the more respected by the court. The more majestic!

The British believe that judges and lawyers wearing wigs are like the law itself, so that in the courts, the case can be tried in the most solemn and holy image, which can make people feel awe in the law.

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