Some people around us will suddenly say something inexplicable even after falling asleep. We all know that they are talking about dreams, but why do people talk about their dreams?

Why do some people talk in their sleep?
Why do some people talk in their sleep?

Everyone knows that almost every activity of each of us is under the command of our brain, so many people compare the brain to the headquarters of the human body. Because the brain manages many different aspects of work, our brain command is divided into many units, each managing different activities. In medicine, people call these units the hub. The brain has many centers to manage the various activities of the human body. When we are asleep, the brain command enters a state of rest. We call this state of the brain a suppression, because the brain is in a state of inhibition, so things that people can easily accomplish when they are awake can no longer be completed. For example, a person who is asleep can’t hear people around you whisper, and when we close something that is hard to smell, he doesn’t respond.

A person who is asleep can’t talk, but some things are different. When a person sleeps relatively lightly, the states of the various centers in the brain are not necessarily the same, that is, there may be a center at work, while others are at rest, if the language center responsible for our speech is still working. Then a person who is asleep also has the ability to speak, and then he may say some dreams.

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