As the saying goes, it is inevitable that people eat whole grains and fart to pee. So, even if other people in public places hear/sense/know fart, they always think it is “indecent” behavior, but they don’t have to care too much. However, in the end, the girl’s fart is always “death”. In the Gu Long novel “Chu Liuxiang”, a fart woman almost went to commit suicide. It can be seen that it is necessary to know more about the fart. The basic common sense is that everyone can fart and fart is a normal physiological phenomenon. Here are some cold tips about farting, maybe you will be interested?

human Trivia:10 about farts Trivia
human Trivia:10 about farts Trivia

1、What is the fart? The modern explanation is that the fart is the gas produced by the microbes in the digestive tract to break down carbohydrates, and it is a by-product of excrement.

2、When people eat food, due to the action of the normal flora of the digestive tract, more gas is produced, and the gas will be discharged by snoring and farting. If not discharged, it will bloating and indigestion.

3, women in the physiological period, may have symptoms of bloating, farting because of the effects of hormones.

4, the pancreas can secrete the hormones needed by the body to digest food, if the pancreas has problems, it will often fart.

5, people up to 14 times a day, the average release of 500 to 2000 ml of fart every day.

6, swallowing gas will cause fart.

7、The food you eat will directly affect the frequency and smell of the fart. For example, dairy products will make people who lack lactose in the body want to fart to decompose lactose in the body. Incompletely digested fructose (containing high fructose syrup), sucrose and sorbitol

Artificial sweeteners of the class also produce large amounts of gas in the digestive tract that does not reach the colon.

8、When you take the plane, you will put more farts than usual.

9、The fart contains methane and is flammable.

10、Some people suffering from digestive diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, or food intolerances, or gastric bypass surgery, can wear deodorant Underwear removes the fart.

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