Vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch are the five most important sensory functions of the human body. When the human body finally goes to death, the last thing that is lost is hearing.

Sensory Trivia:The order in which people feel disappeared after death?
Sensory Trivia:The order in which people feel disappeared after death?

Vision is the most extravagant feeling of the human body, because the process of visual production requires the most energy. When the human body dies, blood will flow into the brain in a large amount to increase the oxygenation of the brain. Therefore, when the energy and oxygen (the ATP) remaining in the eye are insufficient to maintain the normal function of the vision, the vision will disappear first.

The generation of touch is also transmitted through stimulation and then the change of membrane potential. This process requires little energy, but as the body’s blood pressure drops sharply (to the brain) when the human body dies, the stimulator will lose its function.

The essence of the two senses of smell and taste is the same, and their conduction depends on the enzyme cascade. In this series of reactions, a constant temperature is required. When a person dies, the body temperature drops suddenly. Such a reaction does not proceed completely without taste and smell.

The auditory conduction is through the hair cells in the fluid of the cochlea, which converts the sound signal into an electrical signal and then transmits it to the brain, so it finally disappears.

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