The saying that “drinking red wine can lose weight” is highly sought after on the Internet, and even stars have praised this method to help people lose weight in a short time. So, can red wine really lose weight?

Red wine Trivia:Drinking red wine can't lose weight
Red wine Trivia:Drinking red wine can’t lose weight

As far as the red wine itself is concerned, there are indeed many benefits. Red wine not only prevents stomach ulcers, but also reduces the risk of contracting Helicobacter pylori. There are also data showing that people who dine a small glass of red wine every night are healthier, have lower cholesterol levels, and have better sleep quality than those who drink water. Moreover, studies have shown that high-quality red wine contains a lot of polyphenols that are beneficial to the human body, which can significantly increase the metabolic level of patients with type 2 diabetes. Therefore, diabetic patients with alcohol dependence can drink 100ML or less per day under good blood sugar control. Red wine.

However, as for whether red wine has the function of losing weight, the answer is no. In general, obesity is because the calories we get from the diet are greater than the calories burned. The excess calories are converted and stored in the body, and the fat is formed in the long run. Therefore, if people want to lose weight successfully, they must control the calorie intake of three meals and increase exercise. People who advocate drinking red wine to lose weight think that drinking red wine can slow down the speed of eating, but the speed of eating is not directly related to drinking or not drinking red wine. If you don’t drink red wine, you can slow down the eating speed. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents themselves advocate a good eating habit of chewing slowly. Everyone needs to cultivate a eating habit that slows down the eating speed and eats food for more than 20 minutes.

Then why do some people drink red wine to increase fat? This may be related to the quality of the wine and personal habits. The calorie of a glass of red wine is generally about 80 calories, which is not too high in the drink, so a small amount of drinking will not increase fat. If you increase your weight after drinking red wine, it may be caused by drinking fake wine or drinking too much.

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