According to statistics, the number of people who die from suffocation every year in the world is more than the number of people killed by planes, killed by lightning, assassinated by guns, and killed by electric shock. The traditional method believes that when the trachea is holding a foreign object, it is often a slap on the back. It is not known that this method can not only produce foreign objects but may also cause more serious harm.

First aid Trivia:What is Heimlich Maneuver?
First aid Trivia:What is Heimlich Maneuver?

In 1974, American physician Henry Heimlich rescued a patient with foreign body obstruction in the respiratory tract using the abdominal impact method for the first time. This method was widely used around the world and was named Heimlich First Aid. A first-aider is standing behind the patient, applying pressure to the diaphragm by hand, compressing the lungs, and expelling the foreign body from the trachea.

What is Heimlich Maneuver?
What is Heimlich Maneuver?

It is worth mentioning that in 2016, Heimlik himself used this method to save his nursing home companion in the nursing home, which he himself applied for the second time since 1974.

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